Civics Project
EN2 will create a civics curriculum for students in grades Kindergarten through grade 12. Our theme is “We the People Now” and our curriculum will encompass stewardship for families, schools and communities.
“We the People Now”
will be a nation-wide project with the initial pilot program conducted in Massachusetts.
Project Description
EN2 is creating a civics educational curriculum for students in kindergarten through twelfth grade titled: We the People Now. The courses will encompass issues of stewardship for our families, communities, schools, country and our global home on Earth. Now more than ever our country needs civics education. Young people in particular feel disconnected from their local, state, and national civic roles. A 2010 Pew Research poll showed that a large portion of Americans possess weak knowledge of how the legislative process works, and 44 percent of Americans can't name even one of the three branches of government. A 2008 survey found 57 percent of the nation's 17-year-olds unable to place the Civil War within the correct 50-year time period. Former Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor has dubbed Americans' lack of history and civics knowledge a "quiet crisis." Our national decline in civic knowledge can be traced back to the decline in civics education, the teaching of the basic principles and workings of American democracy and what it means to be a citizen. Without this educational foundation, the very future of our country is in question as we lose track of the history, values, and unique privileges that unite us.

President George Washington believed deeply that improving education was essential to the future health of America's democracy. Washington's farewell address was once part of a robust civics curriculum. There is always a high demand on the school day schedule and many subjects are short changed but none as severely as the Civics education in the US classroom.
It is our responsibility to follow Washington’s example as citizens of the United States and the planet and to encourage all persons to become active citizens engaged in the future and well-being of our national and global community. Teachers and students all over the United States are searching for lessons that empower and unite our citizenry, and EN2 has the advantage of years of teacher training experience and access to a vast network of educators to help foster and establish a clear path forward to once again teach civics in all our public schools. EN2 will work to completely address and reverse the current epidemic of civic ignorance in our country, especially at a moment where polarization and divisiveness threaten to tear us apart.

“A house divided against itself cannot stand” - Abraham Lincoln.
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