Tiny Houses Now
EN2 plans to construct and present Tiny Homes as a sustainable and affordable living choice to benefit needy people. EN2 will also utilize Tiny Houses as an educational tool for teaching STEAM curriculum across the United States.
Project Description
The Tiny Homes project is distinguished by its commitment to two principles: sustainability and affordability. 2017 Gallup polls show that concern about global warming among the American public is at a three-decade high: from a market perspective, “going green” has never been a more attractive proposition. At the same time, many Americans are suffering from an economy that has been slow to recover since the Great Recession, stagnant wages, and declines in jobs across a variety of sectors such as retail and industry. In short, sustainability and affordability are both massive concerns. With that said, Tiny Homes is targeting those “in a crisis with a conscience.” People who are out of work, who find their current housing situations untenable and who, at the same time, are concerned about the environment and want to live more sustainably will find that Tiny Homes addresses these two concerns in a revolutionary way. Not only will those in Tiny Homes be living sustainably, but they will be able to afford their transitional housing because of that very sustainability. This puts Tiny Homes in a perfect position to capitalize on the needs of a market full of those “in a crisis with a conscience.” The Tiny House project addresses the urgent need for low cost housing for the homeless, veterans and FEMA disaster sites. Tiny Houses incorporates conservation and green sustainable building practices. EN2's Tiny tiny Houses program will also emphasis STEAM education through covering science, technology, engineering, art, and math which are all required and constructing a Tiny Home.
Project Details