Nepal Scholarships Now
Improving educational opportunities in Nepal by raising funds for student scholarships, teacher training and school supplies.
Project Description
Education Now 2.0 is spearheading a scholarship program for The New Millennium School (NMS) in Kathmandu, Nepal. The NMS represents the hope for the future of education in Nepal, as it educates all children from diverse religious, ethnic and caste backgrounds. Academic standards in most schools throughout Nepal are very low. Due to unstable political conditions in the country, government schools are poorly run and suffer from consistently overcrowded classrooms. Even most private schools in Nepal use antiquated rote learning systems with lower academic standards. The New Millennium School is different. The NMS has shown it can deliver a high-quality education by focusing on student achievement and progressive classroom learning. NMS is listed an “A Grade School” by the Nepali government as all of the students graduated in Distinctions and First Division in the SLC Examination every year.
The NMS serves as the inspiration to reshape the landscape of education across the entire country. Educators, leaders in the private sector, and parents are looking to the NMS as a beacon of innovation in education that will be the catalyst of change across Nepal.
Project Goals