Tiny tiny Houses Now
Tiny tiny Houses Now is a comprehensive, project based, cross curriculum package coupled with a Middle School Competition. EN2.0 will also utilize the Tiny tiny Houses Now project as a vehicle for extending STEAM education throughout the United States.
Project Description
Education Now 2.0 has developed a unique solution to the need for more Science and Math curriculum in our public schools. Our solution consists of an innovative STEAM curriculum and a student learning competition titled Tiny tiny Houses Now (TtHN). The curriculum and competition is designed for middle school students in which various teams design, build and engineer scaled down models of tiny houses. This will promote math and design skills, foster creative thinking, as well as provide an opportunity to take an important look at the social issues and responsibilities surrounding housing and home ownership. EN2.0’s program includes teacher workshops, curriculum development and STEAM activities designed according to the principles of Project Based Learning. The winning home design will be built and donated to a homeless veteran this extends the program beyond the classroom while making a positive contribution to a true social need.
Project Goals